Thursday, July 16, 2009

Initial days in T24/WIP

T24 is an outdoor sculpture garden with indoor components as well. It is currently changing as more and more pieces arrive. Here are some images taken before. As you can see, there are a few marble pieces outside, as well as glass and encaustic (from Stations of the Cross) inside.
Recently added yet not photographed is one of the marble benches. T24 overlooks the Financial District, with views of New Jersey and Governor's Island. The marble texture and coloring of the semi-precious stones blend with and accentuate the industrious Art Nouveau and Pre-War surrounding structures.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tabletop & More Works

So I recently recieved images from India for several new works. First is a marble bar table top which features a mix of narrative and abstract elements.
The whimsical Humpty element has been translated from one of my "Until the End of Time" silk paintings (60"x36", 2007). "Until the End of Time" is a series of postmodern silk panel paintings, combining Mother Goose fairy tales, Japanese pornographic Manga, and the abstract design process. The original concept was intended for marble and semi precious stone inlays with the same dimensions as the silk paintings, and will be realized as such sometime in the near future.

Also, new photos of the finished studio black marble Offerings featuring male and female entities. The malachite looks particularly striking when polished! (black marble with lapis lazuli, tiger eye, alabaster & red marble inlay - 30").

-Pavel & Kath (artist assistant)