Friday, June 26, 2009

Finished Offerings

Here are some new finished studio pieces that are going to be shipped soon from India. Some have minor cosmetic issues that have since been fixed. As you can see, these works employ the male and female entities as previously discussed in this blog. Materials: white marble with lapis lazuli, tiger eye, malachite, and black marble inlay. My signature is done in Sodalite, which is a more rock-like blue juxtaposed against the lapis lazuli's blue.
{detail: sodalite}
{female entity, black marble}
{side view}
{male entity, black marble}
{side view}
{female entity, lapis lazuli - prior to minor cosmetic work)
{side view of second half}
{black marble with lapis lazuli, tiger eye, and red marble inlay}
{Yellow marble with lapis lazuli, alabaster, tiger eye, and malachite inlay. The colors in this are truly striking, especially the malachite dot!}

The finished pieces display the concept of the yin and yang dualities strongly. Can't wait for them to arrive to the studio!


Encaustic WIP

A new encaustic piece I am working on. It is 30"x60"x2". It is not complete yet, and I am sure it will change significantly. Next to it is another encaustic work, "Yellow River with Rubies" (same dimensions).

{top detail}
{bottom left detail}
{side detail}
{bottom detail}
{piece with Yellow River with Rubies}
{other finished encaustic: Pacific Series}
{Pacific Series encaustic with Yellow River with Rubies}


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Final 48" pieces.

Here are some images of the final 48" pieces before their shipment to California. They have arrived safely and will be installed soon. There are seven pieces in total, yellow marble with red marble and white alabaster inlay. Each piece is signed with a lapis lazuli inlay and each piece also has a small additional semi-precious stone inlay.